Jakarta (ANTARA News) - The Chinese Taipei volleyball men`s team won a bronze medal after defeating Qatar, with a score of 3-1 (25-22, 25-23, 17-25, 25-16), at the Bung Karno Sport Center here on Saturday.

The Chinese Taipei volleyball men`s team that was almost defeated in the semifinal match against South Korea seemed to be still eager to go through this game as was apparent from its various combinations of strikes.

Since the first set, Chinese Taipei was able to hassle Qatar`s defense line, which was coordinated by Captain Ibrahim.

Despite being left behind at 11-15, Chinese Taipei did not panic and was able to sustain well while occasionally making strikes that took Qatar by surprise.

Chen Yuan`s team began to gain scores until finally leading the game, with a score of 21-19, through spikes of Captain Chien-Chen Chen.

Chinese Taipei, not wanting the momentum to dip, could no longer be overtaken by Camilo Soto`s team and won the first set, with a score 25-22.

At the start of the second set, the Chinese Taipei team quickly scored and immediately led, 8-4, through Chien-Chen Chen`s spike, which could not be blocked by the Qatar team.

Qatar began to equalize the score, at 10-10, and lead 14-13, owing to player Renan Ribeiro.

However, an inspirational game from Captain Chien-Chen Chen and a block from Huang-Chien Feng ensured Chinese Taipei`s position, at 18-15.

Thereafter, Liu Hong-Jie and his friends did not allow Qatar to gain scores and closed the second set, with 25-23.

The Qatari team, coached by Camilo Soto from Argentina, who left in the first two sets, started to rise in the third set, with a score 10-8.

Various combinations of attacks and defense blocks from Saad Sulaiman and his friends began to apply pressure on Chinese Taipei that was keen to immediately win the bronze medal.

Although Liu Hung-Min and his friends tried to catch up with the scores, Qatar`s play in this round ensured the team to lead, with a score 25-17, in the third set.

However, the Chinese Taipei players` mental fortitude that was tested during this tournament made the team to regain scores at the start of the fourth set.

Coach Chen Yuan`s strategy of direct strikes overwhelmed Qatar`s defense and made Chinese Taipei lead at 12-10.

The Chinese Taipei team immediately went far ahead, at 22-14, after repeated attacks made by Huang Chien-Feng and friends that found a gap in Qatar`s empty defense line.

Chinese Taipei finally won bronze after winning the fourth set, with a score 25-16, through a spike of Liu Hung-Min, who failed to be blocked by Belal Abunabot.

The stars in this match were Wu Tsung-Hsuan, who scored 14 spikes; Liu Hung-Min, with 12 spikes; and Chien-Chen Chen, with 11 spikes.

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