Langkat police seize three sacks of hashish

Langkat police seize three sacks of hashish

Police demonstrate hashish seized in a raid (FOTO ANTARA/Kristian Ali)

Langkat, N Sumatra, (ANTARA News)- Hinai Police in Langkat District, North Sumatra Province, seized three sacks of hashish at Hinai bus terminal, Adjunct Commissioner Hendriyanto S, chief of Hinai police office, said here, Friday.

The package containing hashish was first received by Irwansyah Putra, a bus ticket cashier, from a bus driver saying that the package needed to be sent to Belilas, Indra Hilir Hulu, Riau Province.

After a moment, Putra received a call from unknown man about the package. He asked the caller to whom the package should be delivered.

As Putra was suspicious about the package, he called the Hinai police to check about it.

The police found hashish inside the package which is now being kept in the Langkat police office.

Reporting by Imam Fauzi
Editing by Fardah Assegaf, Bustanudin