Jakarta (ANTARA News) - The National Police Criminal Investigation Body, along with members of the Police Drugs Detective Agency, had reportedly arrested 784 drug offenders in 595 cases across Indonesia during the September 1-7, 2018, period.

"In this one week, we managed to confiscate 75 kilograms (kg) of marijuana, 53 kg of methamphetamine, 12 thousand psychotropic items, 539 ecstasy pills, and various other types of drugs," Director of the Drug Crimes Agency of the National Police Criminal Investigation Body Brigadier General Eko Daniyanto stated here, on Saturday.

The number of disclosed cases is the result of cooperation between the Directorate of Narcotics Crime Criminal Investigation, Police Narcotics Investigation, and the ranks of the National Narcotics Agency to stop drug trafficking in Indonesia.

"Of the total drugs confiscated this week, we have managed to prevent the illicit goods from harming about 300,000 thousand Indonesians," Daniyanto noted.

Meanwhile, on Friday (Sept 7), in the presence of media crew, the Directorate of Narcotics Crime Criminal Investigation Police released details on the confiscation of 19 kg of methamphetamine drugs in three cases that had been revealed.

Head of the National Police Narcotics Investigation Center Team, Adjunct Comr. Gembong Yuda noted that the first case was revealed on August 28, 2018.

In this case, investigators confiscated three kg of methamphetamine and arrested two suspects: Malaysian W.C. Hong and Indonesian citizen, with the initials as MR.

The methamphetamine package was smuggled from Malaysia into Indonesia by concealing it in tea bags and taken to a hotel in the Gunung Sahari area, North Jakarta.

The sabu package was then stored in a safety box in the hotel room that has been ordered.

"The hotel rooms are booked online. Rooms are booked but not occupied, just as a place to drop items," Yuda noted.

The second case was revealed on Sept 1. The investigation team arrested a methamphetamine dealer named Imanuel in Cluster Faraday, Serpong, Tangerang, Banten. A total of 4.6 kg of methamphetamine was secured by investigators from the house of suspect Imanuel.

In the third case, investigators seized 11.4 kg of methamphetamine from three different locations: Kendari in Southeast Sulawesi, Makassar in South Sulawesi, and Batam on Aug 28-30.

Dozens of kilograms of methamphetamine from Malaysia are planned to be distributed to several cities in Indonesia.

"The methamphetamine package from Malaysia was brought to Batam and was then divided to be brought to Jakarta, Kendari, and Makassar," he stated.

In this case, investigators arrested five suspects: Hendri alias Apen, Cai Hok alias Ahong, Budhi Hariawan, and two women, Enda and Yessy Intan.

However, Cai Hok, who is a former Class II prisoner in Tanjung Pinang, died after he attempted to resist arrest by the police.

Reporting by Anita Permata Dewi
Editing by Eliswan

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