Delegates for ICW general assembly arrive in Yogyakarta

Yogyakarta (ANTARA News) - Delegations from a number of countries have started to arrive in Yogyakarta to attend the General Session of the International Council of Women (ICW), which will last for about one week from Thursday (Sept 13).

"Many delegations have been arriving in Yogyakarta, especially to the hotel that will be used as their lodgings as well as the venue of the session," Head of Foreign Relations, Indonesian Women`s Congress (Kowani), Hadriani Uli Silalahi, stated in Yogyakarta on Monday.

The meeting will be attended by around 169 participants plus representatives from embassies. Participating countries will send 40 delegations.

The delegations that have arrived in Yogyakarta are from France, New Zealand, and Turkey. They will be followed by delegations from various other countries, including Russia.

Silalahi expressed hope that there will not be obstacles related to the arrival of the delegates from the 35th General Assembly of ICW.

"Hopefully, there will be no obstacles and complaints. We are striving to provide the best services to all participants," she asserted.

However, she also believes that the ICW participants who will be present in Yogyakarta are all experienced delegates with various activities related to international meetings.

As a non-profit institution, her party did not give a luxurious welcome to the delegates of the ICW general assembly because the activity was not focused on ceremonial matter but on tangible results.

Uli remarked that ICW Director Kim Jung Sook from South Korea will arrive in Yogyakarta on Monday (Sept 10) through Adi Sutjipto Airport.

"She will be in Yogyakarta to participate in all activities with other delegations until Sept 22," Uli explained.

The meeting will focus on highlighting the role of Indonesian women in the international community.

"So far, the international world has seen Indonesian women in the second position (after men) only, but through this activity, we want to show that Indonesian women are always reliable," he pointed out.

Reporting by Eka Arifa Rusqiyati
Editing by INE/Andi Abdussalam