Yogyakarta, (ANTARA News) - Education can empower women by increasing their capacity in various aspects, National Council for Women Australia (NCWA) President Barbara Baikie stated at a workshop during the International Council of Women (ICW) general assembly, Yogyakarta, Thursday.

Along with 15 female delegations from friendly countries, Baikie highlighted several reasons for education being important for women at a discussion titled "Women Empowerment through Education or Empowering Women through Education," which was part of a series of general assembly activities.

According to Baikie, a good educational background not only offers provisions to women to encourage them to lead a better life but also gives them a sense of confidence.

"Educated women also have higher resilience, as they will tend to have a broader thought process, so when they face a problem, they will be able to think of a way out quickly," she noted.

In addition, education will encourage broader and more critical thinking among women that can ultimately change their views of the world.

"It can destroy stereotypes, even racism and sexism," Baikie explained.

Furthermore, she remarked that education can also offer women a sense of freedom not only of thought but also to make decisions independently.

"For instance, if a woman is in a relationship in which she experiences oppression, either verbally or physically, she will have the freedom to opt out of the relationship," she added.

She believes that women should not harbor fears or hesitate to take steps that are believed to be true, as they have sufficient supplies to depend on.

Hence, education for women, especially for the younger generation, must become the focus.

"Regardless of culture, religion, or location, all must have the right to receive a decent education, as it can change their lives and perspective on the world. Everything is better with education," Baikie remarked.

Thousands of female figures gathered at the 35th General Assembly of the ICW, the association of world women leaders affiliated with the United Nations, which also coincided with the National Gathering of Thousand Indonesian Women`s Organizations.

Both events were organized by ICW, Indonesian Women`s Congress (Kowani), and were fully supported by the Ministry of SOEs and 35 SOEs, including the Antara News Agency.

Reporting by Aria Cindyara
Editing by Yashinta Difa Pramudyani

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