KPU improves permanent voters list for 2019 general election

KPU improves permanent voters list for 2019 general election

KPU Chairperson Arief Budiman (center) along with KPU Commissioner Evi Novida (left) and Viryan (right) gave exposure during a plenary meeting to improve the Permanent Voter List (DPT) at the KPU Office, Jakarta, Sunday (09/16/2018). (ANTARA PHOTO/Rivan Awal Lingga/kye

Jakarta (ANTARA News) - The General Election Commission (KPU) held a plenary meeting, here on Sunday, to improve the final voters list (DPT) recapitulation as the results of the improvement nationally.

The meeting discussed the sweeping of voters data after the Election Supervisory Body (Bawaslu) and a coalition supporting presidential and vice presidential candidates Prabowo Subianto-Sandiaga Uno found multiple voters in the DPT.

"I declare this meeting open and also open to the public," KPU Chairman Arief Budiman said when opening the meeting.

Arief said the KPU would provide an opportunity for all parties to express their opinions regarding the recommendations of the Bawaslu.

"Later, at the closing of (meeting) the recapitulation results will be delivered," Arief said.

Previously, in the 2019 Election DPT set by the KPU on September 5, 2018, there were 187,781,884 registered voters, of which some 185 million live in the country, and around 2 million abroad.

Earlier, KPU commissioner Viryan Azis expressed optimism that his institution could complete the double data clearance at the DPT on time.

The KPU, he said, did not want the double DPT to be used by certain parties in the 2019 elections. He wanted the next year`s elections will have quality without being disturbed by multiple voter issues.

"We don`t want these kinds of data to be used by irresponsible parties, we want clean and quality voters," he added.

Reported by Syaiful Hakim
Editing by Bustanuddin, Andi Abdussalam