Jakarta (ANTARA) - Head of the Indonesian Migrant Workers Protection Agency (BP2MI) Benny Rhamdani said that Indonesian migrant workers have significant opportunities to fill the increasing need for nurses in Germany.

In a statement received from here on Wednesday, Rhamdani outlined this potential during a discussion with the Indonesian Ambassador to Germany, Arif Havas Oegroseno.

He told Ambassador Oegroseno that the agency is aware that Germany currently lacks skilled workers and is providing convenience to foreign workers through the amendment to the Skilled Immigration Act in hopes of filling around 1.98 million job vacancies in the country.

"This will certainly open up enormous opportunities for our migrant workers," Rhamdani pointed out at the meeting held during his working visit to Berlin on Tuesday.

During the meeting, Oegroseno said that 60 percent of the vacancies in Germany are in the health sector or for nurse positions, with salaries ranging between €2,500 to €3,900 per month.

In addition, nurses will get professional equalization in Germany so that when they return to Indonesia, they will be considered professional nurses with international experience.

In relation to this, Rhamdani asked that the placement scheme be expanded and not only be filled by migrant workers under the government-to-government (G-to-G) scheme.

The opportunity can also be opened through the private-to-private (P-to-P) scheme, he said.

"Of course, BP2MI and the Indonesian Embassy in Berlin will supervise so that the P-to-P placement can run in accordance with the procedure and prevailing regulations in both countries," he added.

He also praised Ambassador Oegroseno for his support of the Triple Win Program for the placement of Indonesian migrant workers in Germany, especially in the health sector.

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