Semarang, C Java (ANTARA News) - Researchers from 12 Asian countries and Australia gathered here, Monday, to discuss use of nuclear technology to predict climate change impacts.

The Forum for Nuclear Cooperation in Asia (FNCA) was held in the University of Diponegoro`s campus, Djarot Sulistio Wisnubroto, head of the National Nuclear Energy Agency (Batan) said.

The Forum was participated in by researchers from Bangladesh, China, Indonesia, Japan, Kazakshtan, Korea, Malaysia, Mongolia, the Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, and Australia.

FNCA is a Japan-led cooperation framework for peaceful use of nuclear technology in Asia.

"Don`t see nuclear as something frightening," he said.

Each country grouped in the forum will conduct research on the impacts of climate change by using nuclear technology for database.

"We will pass on results of the researches to stakeholders to make policies on climate change handling," he stated.

By conducting isotope analysis, they will study climate change in the past. Sedimentation of coral reefs had kept information on climate changes since thousands of years ago.

"We study the past to predict the future," he said.

The research will count how fast the climate change happened.

"Stakeholders are expected to make policies to address the condition," he added.

Reporting by Immanuel Citra Senjaya
Editing by Fardah

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