Jakarta, (ANTARA News) - The head of the National Aeronautics and Space Agency (LAPAN), Thomas Djamaluddin, said that the N219 Nurtanio aircraft is still under certification phase and is expected to be produced in 2019.

"We hope that the certification can be completed next year. After that, we will enter the production process, which means we can start producing according to orders," Djamaluddin stated on the sidelines of the 2018 Aero Summit here on Tuesday.

He noted that the national aerospace industry should be supported by the availability of industries that produce components, as N219 is expected to use 60 percent of domestic materials.

The Indonesia Aircraft and Component Manufacturer Association (INACOM) has been established to meet the use of domestic component level.

"Our goal is not only N219 but also aerospace engineering, in general. Therefore, the Indonesia Aeronautical Engineering Center (IAEC) has been also established to accommodate all designs," he added.

In the future, an amphibious version of N219 will also be manufactured to reach small islands that lack runways.

He explained that N219 was indeed designed to fly in remote areas with a short runway.

The amphibian version was developed to meet the tourism needs because Indonesia has remote islands which have now become favorite tourist destinations but do not have runways.

The Aero Summit Committee member, Dadang Furqon Erawan, who is also a businessman in the aviation industry, asserted that building an ecosystem is very important so that the national aviation industry continues to grow.

"We, the industrial players, are very grateful for the government policies that encourage and support the aerospace industry by subcontracting a number of works to local industries as this step will boost our industry," Erawan remarked.

According to him, the manufacturing of N219 has become a joint effort to build the aviation industry in the country.

Reporting by Desi Purnamawati
Editing by Libertina W Ambari

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