IMF-WB - Smart travel guitars showcased at indonesia pavilion

IMF-WB - Smart travel guitars showcased at indonesia pavilion

Willy, Quality Control Head from Stranough Guitar Technology at the Indonesian Pavilion on Sunday (Oct 14/2018) (ANTARA News / Ida Nurcahyani)

Nusa Dua, BalI (ANTARA News) - Two smart travel guitars are displayed at one of the Indonesia Pavilion corners showcasing the products of small and medium enterprises.

Produced by Bandung city`s Stranough Guitar Technology under "The Tripper" brand, these headless, short-scaled guitars attracted many delegates of the IMF-World Bank annual meetings on the sidelines of their busy activities here on Sunday.

Taking place at a spacious area of Westin Hotel in Nusa Dua, the Indonesia Pavilion is organized as a side-event of the IMF-World Bank annual meetings, held from October 8 to October 14, 2018.

According to Teresa Laoh, on-duty ambassador of the state-owned enterprises, a lot of visitors of the Indonesia Pavilion were interested in the Tripper-branded travel guitars.

Majority of the interested visitors came from African countries. They looked amazed with the guitar`s unique form and raised questions about unique things on the guitars, Teresa Laoh said.

Meanwhile, Willy, Head of Stranough Guitar Technology`s Quality Control Unit, explained about the products saying that The Tripper was derived from a word "trip".

Thanks to their small size with a total weight of less than two kilograms, these Bandung-made guitars that have been exported to the United States of America, Australia, Turkey, Germany, Japan, Singapore, and China, could be played everywhere, he said.

"These guitars can be played everywhere by not only traveler musicians. Due to their small sie, they can simply be put in an aircraft`s cabin," Willy said, adding that The Trippers could have been found in certain shops in Egypt, Singapore, and The Netherlands.

In Indonesia, these smart, headless guitars could be purchased from Wijaya Musik in Block M, South Jakarta. Thanks to their good quality, The Tripper-branded products had also been used by some top musicians, including Aaron Barrett of Real Big Fish, he said.

During the exhibition on the sidelines of the IMF-World Bank event, Stranough Guitar Technology, which is now one of the small and medium enterprises that Bank Mandiri is assisting, just displays ten limited edition guitars.

Painted with Batik motifs on their body, each of the limited edition guitars is sold at a price of Rp6,250,000, he said.

As revealed in, The Tripper travel guitar models have a short fret scale and compact with good playability.

Equipped with both normal and drop turnings, these Bandung-made guitars can be used on a big stage using a head cabinet amplifier, multi-effect or pocket effect as Line 6 Pocket POD?, or KORG? Pandora.

The Tripper`s guitars, which have been protected with IPR provisions, can even be combined with iPad? or iPhone? which comes with iRig and AmpliTube. They are also equipped with preamps with 9 volt battery for the headphones output.

As a result, the guitars can be used on specific situations such as in a quiet place, when hiking, on train, bus, or airline travel, an afternoon at the park, alone on the beach, arranging music in hotel room or simply fingering at all times.

Reporting by Ida Nurcahyani
Editing by Rahmad Nasution