Jakarta (ANTARA News) - Results of a latest study of WWF revealed that 91 percent of the public did not realize that the way they consume, produce, and dispose of food was the biggest threat to the planet.

It turned out that according to results of the research released in conjunction with 2018 World Food Day, people in the age group of 18 to 24 years did not know the link between food and sustainability of the earth.

Citing the WWF latest study, WWF-Indonesia Communications Director Elis Nurhayati was quoted by Antara here on Wednesday as saying that the food system is both the single biggest user of natural resources and single biggest greenhouse gas emitter. It uses 34 percent of the land and 69 percent of fresh water.

This is what the research results have indicated as being the main cause of deforestation and loss of other habitats, but one-third of all food produced is never consumed.

The food system is responsible for about a quarter of the world`s greenhouse gas emissions, a third of which comes from wasted food, Nurhayati noted, citing the results of the study.

This survey found alarming that among youngsters, 11 percent of those aged 18 to 24 years did not consider the food system to pose any threat to nature, while more than 40 percent view the threat to be insignificant.

Only community groups over the age of 55 have greater awareness of this problem.

"However, the good news is that we can make a food system that is beneficial to humans and nature. If food is produced more sustainably, distributed fairly, and consumed more responsibly, we can feed everyone without destroying more forests, rivers, and oceans," Nurhayati noted.

Furthermore, she stated that the community needs to increase public awareness of where the food comes from and change behaviors to ensure the proper functioning of the food system.

Reporting by Virna P Setyorini
Editing by Otniel, Rahmad

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