New Delhi, (ANTARA News) - The Indonesian Film Agency (BPI) has highlighted the need for the Indonesian government to formulate a major strategy to maximize the promotion of Indonesian films abroad.

Chairman of the International Festival of International Relations at BPI Dimas Jayasrana stated here on Wednesday that film festivals in various countries were one of the means to promote Indonesian movies.

He said the main objective behind Indonesia`s participation in foreign film festivals in various countries is to build communication and that should be applied through well-prepared strategies and concepts.

"The main purpose is communication. Yet, we have to determine what the communication achievements are, i.e., diplomacy, socio-cultural, and educational goals. The more diverse Indonesian films and the more they are screened abroad, then the more opportunities will be opened," Jayasrana noted.

According to Jayasrana, the related institutions need to conduct good management, including selecting films and providing Indonesian films that will be showcased in foreign film festivals.

The films should be selected from a variety of genres through a thorough process to ensure the movies are eligible to be screened abroad.

"One of the issues is the absence of a catalog that explains the number of every genre we have, such as short film, long film, documentary, animation, and fiction," Jayasrana noted.

He said the government should have a catalog containing a collection of films that can be screened at overseas film festivals. The government should buy the copyrights of the films, so they can be included in the catalog. By that, the catalogs will ready to use at any time.

Films in the catalog are selected and will be screened during film festivals overseas according to the themes.

If we want to promote tourism, of course, we select a film that is set in Indonesian tourist sites, Jayasrana added.

Reporting by Aditya Ramadhan
Editing by Libertina W Ambari, Andi Abdussalam

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