Tanjung Balai, N Sumatra, Oct 19 (ANTARA News) - Two suspected male terrorists were shot by the Indonesian Police`s anti-terror squad, the Special Detachment 88, on Jumpul Street, area VI, Teluk Nibung area in the city of Tanjungbalai.

Tanjung Balai Police Chief Police Commissioner Irfan Rifai stated at the scene of the crime on Friday that both suspected terrorists were linked to a series of arrests of terrorists back in May.

"The two suspects, identified as AN and RI, are residents of Teluk Nibung in Tanjungbalai and the sub-district of Asahan. A pipe, suspected to be a makeshift bomb, has also been seized," he remarked.

Speaking in connection with the condition of the suspected terrorists after being shot, the Police commissioner chose to not divulge details, suggesting that the media inquire with the police headquarters.

"Shots had to be fired, as both suspects resisted arrest and threw knives at the officers. You may inquire directly at the police headquarters about their condition," he noted.

She remarked that further investigations were scheduled to take place the day following the arrest. From the crime scene, the Special Detachment 88 seized a pipe, suspected to contain makeshift bombs.

The status of Tanjungbalai City has been set at Alert 1 (Siaga 1), and precautionary measures have been taken to handle any disturbance in Community Security and Order (Kamtibmas).

The Tanjungbalai police chief affirmed that the incident will not have any impact on the upcoming General Election in 2019.

It was earlier reported from the field that two men were shot multiple times in a bathroom of a rental house, which since then became the crime scene.

Azwan, aged 16, who lives close to the location, recalled that he was repairing his motorbike, some 500 meters from the crime scene, when the incident took place.

He spotted two men with guns facing two other men brandishing knives.

The man with the gun ordered the two to surrender and raise their hands while firing two shots into the air.

However, the two suspects ignored their order, which led the officers to direct shots at their feet four times to injure one of them.

Not long after, dozens of people with motorbikes and two minibus cars passed around the shooting location.

"At around 9:30 a.m. local time, a series of shots were heard from the scene, and it turned out that the two armed men were shot and immediately put into the Silver Toyota Rush car," Azwan added.
Reporting by Juraidi and Yas Aswika
Editing by Aria Cindyara F


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