Batam, Riau Islands, Oct 19 (ANTARA News) - Social affairs minister Agus Gumiwang Kartasasmita said here on Friday that electricity in Central Sulawesi had returned to normalcy after the recent earthquake, tsunami and liquefaction disasters.

"The restoration of power supply has been very fast. Today, it is already 100 percent restored," he said.

Efforts to restore power in the region started three days after the disaster marked by the quick movement of teams to assure people were not left in the darkness for a long time.

The minister said that oil fuel supply to the region had also been normal. "Fuel supply is the same. It is already normal. We checked the progress of its restoration during every visit made. During the second and third visits, we still saw people lining up for oil for kilometers but now the queues can no longer be seen," he said.

He said telecommunication has also been smooth, as people no longer have difficulties contacting relatives or friends from in or outside the region.

"The quick restoration is also a sign that economic activities in Central Sulawesi have been revived," he said.

He said restoration had been quick because of support from various parties including international communities and added that within less than two weeks, all systems began to work.

In view of that, the minister appealed to those who were evacuated outside the region to return to jointly rebuild it.

"We appeal to the evacuees outside Central Sulawesi to return. Let us rebuild Central Sulawesi together," he said.

Reporting by Jannatun Naim



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