Economic Creative Agency inaugurates BE-X to support startups

Economic Creative Agency inaugurates BE-X to support startups

Senior Innovation Manageer of PT Telkom Indonesia, Dinoor Susatijo (center) and VP of Engineering of Tokopedia, Aswin Tanu Utomo (second from left) in the launch of BE-X, in Jakarta, on Oct 19, 2018. (ANTARA News/Arindra Meodia)

Jakarta (ANTARA News) - The Creative Economy Agency (Bekraf) encourages startups to be ready to face the Industrial Revolution 4.0 by launching the BE-X program.

"BE-X is aimed at accelerating the development of startups by focusing on the formation of a founder team, which is ready to carry out techno entrepreneurship," Deputy Head of Bekraf Ricky Pesik said here Friday.

According to him, this program was launched to respond to Gross Domestic Product (GDP) in the creative economy which in 2016 grew by 4.95 percent or valued at Rp922.5 billion (some US$60.7 million), or contributed 7.44 percent to the total national economy.

However, there are a number of obstacles to developing the creative economy sector, such as limited research and education, he said.

"To prepare Indonesian startups to be ready to compete globally, not only infrastructure and knowledge about startups which should be improved, but also the X factors, namely extra, excellent, and collaboration," he explained.

Meanwhile, Bekraf`s Deputy for Research, Education and Development Abdur Rahim Boy Berawi stated that this program was a support from the government in increasing the growth of startups in Indonesia.

This program is expected to build new startups, create an ecosystem and generate new unicorns.

Startups, which are interested to join the BE-X program, can submit their BE-X proposals starting 19 October 2018 via the

Bekraf is preparing a strategy to face the 4.0 Industrial Revolution, especially in boosting the creative economy sector.

"The consequence of the 4.0 Industrial Revolution is the need for a system that can build innovative and sustainable production. The use of digital technology is one of the keys," a legislator, Abdul Faqih, said.

According to him, Bekraf should also create and develop a creative space in cyberspace for young people.

He hoped that the Bekraf program could create and maintain an excellent economic ecosystem in the country.

In addition, he said, the budget allocated by Bekraf should be aimed at increasing added value to the creative economy products from the locals.

Reporting by Muhammad Razi Rahman
Editing by Libertina, Yoseph