Solo, C Java, (ANTARA News) - Dozens of dancers from Ekosdance Company performed energetically with the concept of hip hop music to enliven the Solo Car Free Day (SCFD) activities ahead of Indonesia Dancing 2018 on Jalan Slamet Riyadi Solo, Sunday morning.

? ?The Indonesia Dancing 2018 pre-event activities featuring young dancers made the people present at SCFD to show enthusiasm and watch the dancers who appeared energetic with choreography combining traditional and modern dances.

? ?According to Adi Pardianto as the Director of the successful Djarum Founation Cultural Service of Indonesia Dancing 2017, the party is now back in Indonesia 2018 Dancing which will be held in four cities simultaneously namely at The Park Mall Solo, Grand Indonesia Jakarta, Paskal Bandung, and Taman Indonesia Kaya Semarang, on November 11.

? "This activity, with the aim that people are interested in dancing. Dancing can be done by anyone, not necessarily professional. We invite the community to move the body to dance, and can be healthy by dancing," said Adi Pardianto.

? According to him, Indonesia Dancing 2018 activities at the same time preserve Indonesian traditional dance, of course, with more modern packaging so that today`s children are more enthusiastic about dancing.

?? He said routine activities were carried out every year since 2012 until now, targeting a total of 4,500 dancers from the four cities in Indonesia.

The participants, both individuals and various communities of young people, dance studios, dance lovers communities, schools and universities will dance together and show their ability to win a total of RP300 million.

? The activities of Indonesia Dancing 2018 are also contested so that participants competing to win a total of hundreds of millions of rupiah will be present, or Bakti Budaya Djarum Foundation, he said.

?? Program Director of Bakti Budaya Djarum Foundation Renitasari Andrian said that after being held in three cities last year, there were now requests from art lovers to also hold in the Taman Kaya Semarang Indonesia, so that this year, one would increase to four cities.

? ?"We hope that Indonesia Menara 2018 will inspire more people, especially the younger generation to love the variety of regional music and dance," said Renitasari Andrian.

?? The 2018 Dancing Indonesia Registration has been opened on "website" from September 25 to October 26 or until the target is met.

Specifically for Solo, the number of participants is targeted to reach 1,000 dancers. Registration is free, free of charge and opened to the public for both participants and individuals. For community registration, a minimum of five participants and a maximum of seven people.

? ?IndoneSia Dancing 2018 takes place with a form of mass choreography dance combined with several traditional and modern dance movements with a duration of four minutes accompanied by music by Pongky Ptasetyo arrangements.

It is incorporated with Soleram regional songs from Riau, Ampar-Ampar Pisang (South Kalimantan), Cubrak-cublak Suweng (Central Java), and Yomko Rambe Tamko (Papua).

Reporting by Bambang Dwi Marwoto
Editing by Eliswan

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