Kupang, E Nusa Tenggara (ANTARA News) - The regional government of Kupang District, East Nusa Tenggara (NTT) denies making it difficult to give licenses to salt investors who want to invest in the area.

"We did not complicate the process of granting a permit to PT Global Salt Golden Peak (PKGD). Permission has not been given because the company was suing the government at State Administrative Court (PTUN). If there has been a legally binding verdict, then the permit will be processed immediately," Acting Regional Secretary, Kupang District, Maclon Joni Nomseo said in Oelamasi on Friday.

Nomseo made the statement in response to PT PKGD`s complaint that the local government made it difficult to obtain a salt production permit on a 3,720 ha of Land Business Cultivation Rights (HGU) in Kupang District.

He said that the government welcomed the presence of investors because investment can accelerate development in the region and absorb workers.

"We will definitely help accelerate the issuance of licenses to the company if there is a court ruling. Permits have not been granted because we are being sued in court," Nomseo said

He said that there are two companies that are conducting salt mining in Kupang District, namely PT Garam which is a state-owned enterprise and PT Garam Indo Nasional (GIN).

Nomseo said, PT Garam had obtained a location permit so that the government-owned company had started a salt mining business in Bipolo Village, Sulamu District.

According to him, PT GIN has not yet obtained permission from the Kupang District government because the company is also being sued in court.

"Permits have not been processed because there are mutually suing each other in court. If there is a court decision, the permit will be granted. All permits will be given if there is a court ruling," he stressed.

Nomseo denies that there are certain interests from the Kupang District government officials to hamper the granting of permits to PT PKGD.

"We do not prioritize certain companies. We need the presence of investors to build this area," Nomseo said.

Reporting by Benediktus Sridin Sulu Jahang
Editing by Andi Abdussalam

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