ISPO begins to gain recognition among users of palm oil in Europe

ISPO begins to gain recognition among users of palm oil in Europe

Head of the Indonesia Sustainable Palm Oil (ISPO) secretariat Azis Hidayat (center) spoke to journalists on the sidelines of the 14th IPOC & 2019 Outlook in Nusa Dua, Bali on Friday (Nov. 2/2018) (ANTARANews/Risbiani Fardaniah)

Nusa Dua, Bali  (ANTARA News) - Indonesia Sustainable Palm Oil (ISPO) certificate began to gain recognition among palm oil users in Europe, head of the ISPO secretariat Azis Hidayat has said.

"Europe Sustainable Palm Oil (ESPO) begin to recognize ISPO as valid certificate for sustainable palm oil business," Azis said at the 14t Indonesia Palm Oil Conference (IPOC) & 2019 Outlook, here on Friday.

He said in the progress report of ESPO, ISPO certificate already covered around 2.1 million hectares of oil palm plantations in Indonesia in 2017.

Meanwhile. RSPO (Roundtable Sustainable Palm Oil) covered 2.51 million hectares and MSPO (Malaysia Sustainable Palm Oil) 518,793 hectares.

"The figures show that oil palm plantations with certificate of sustainable palm oil are quite large. However, it is relatively small in comparison to the 14 million hectares of oil palm plantation in the country," Aziz said.

The number of certificates already issued are also relatively small as most of those with certificate are large plantation, he added.

He said until October 2018, there were only 675 entities registering for ISPO certificate including 663 companies, seven plasma farmers plantations and five non plasma farmers` plantations.

Based on data at the ISPO Secretariat since ISPO was mandatory in 2011 , there were only 2.349 hectares of oil palm plantations having the certificate with crude palm oil (CPO) production of 10.2 million tons per year.

Reporting by Risbiani Fardaniah
Editing by Albert Saragih, Suharto