PT Iinka develops tourism education program

PT Iinka develops tourism education program

Head of Public Relations of the Railroad Industry (Inka) Fathor Rasid shows the air conditioned economy-class (K3) train that has been completed at the PT Inka Madiun train factory in East Java . (ANTARA Photo /Siswowidodo)

Madiun, E Java (ANTARA News) - State railway manufacturing company PT Industri Kereta Api (INKA) has begun developing a tourism education program to make the company an attractive educational tourism destination.

Founded in 1981 and based in the city of Madiun, East Java, PT INKA offers locomotives, passenger coaches, wagons, and special vehicles.

"We started a program to make PT INKA a tourist destination. Hence, tourists from other cities and academics and all kinds are welcome to our company to learn more about the railway industry," company Production Director Bayu Waskito Sudadi remarked here on Friday.

Sudadi made the statement when he was a guest speaker at the Manufacturing Investment Seminar and Tourism, initiated by the Bank Indonesia Representative Office in Kediri, East Java.

According to Sudadi, through the tourism education program, visitors who come to PT INKA can learn and know about the history of trains and the process of producing train carriages in general.

"This is a new program and will certainly be very interesting," he remarked at a seminar titled "Efforts to Encourage the Growth of Manufacturing and Tourism Investment in the former Residency of Madiun-Kediri Post-Construction of the Trans Java Toll Road and Double Track Railway."

However, Sudadi said his side had not elaborated on the technical implementation of the development of a tourism education program by PT INKA.

Sudadi claimed to have benefited significantly from the construction of the Trans Java Toll Road and Double Track Railway, which crossed the Madiun area, as it will facilitate PT INKA in terms of product delivery to the buyer.

"For instance, while sending the Bangladeshi order train in the first stage, the toll road had not yet started, so we found it increasingly difficult to bring the ordered train from INKA in Madiun to the port," he explained.

He stated that the cost of sending the Bangladeshi-ordered trains at that time reached Rp38 billion. Of this amount, most of it was intended for transportation from Madiun to the port where there was no toll road.

"It is expected that the construction and operation of the toll road from Madiun to the port will further facilitate INKA`s performance in the future. Moreover, INKA is currently focusing on the export market," he added.

Reporting by By Louis Rika Stevani
Editing by Otniel Tamindael


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