Jakarta (ANTARA News) - Vice President Jusuf Kalla said that the budget for reconstruction in Central Sulawesi awaits a regional government regulation on Spatial Planning for post-disaster relocation in Palu, Sigi, and Donggala.

In a coordination meeting at the vice presidential office on Monday, Kalla instructed Central Sulawesi Governor Longki Djanggola and Regional Legislative Assembly (DPRD) to finish the local regulation soon.

"The budget is yet to be provided as no land has been set aside for relocation. Therefore, I ask one-month time for the completion of the regional government regulation," Kalla stated.

He noted that if the bylaw is already finished, then the budget for the reconstruction of earthquake-hit areas could be provided. After the issuance of the regulation, the central government will assist the local government in carrying out the evaluation on the size of houses and buildings to be erected in the designated locations.

Kalla remarked that the post-disaster budget in Central Sulawesi will be decided after the local government has decided the map on the red zone that should not be resided and the new regions for relocation.

Earlier, Djanggola explained that the regional government regulation would be issued at the end of December 2018, in accordance with the instruction of Kalla at a meeting on Monday (Nov 5).

The vice president on Monday discussed accelerated recovery efforts to handle the impacts of earthquake, tsunami, and liquefaction in Palu, Sigi, and Donggala.

The results of the limited internal meeting were delivered by Head of Public Relations and Protocol, among others, for the ongoing development process in the Central Sulawesi region to accelerate the study of the areas in the Red Zone that could not be built due to the impact of the disaster.

Central and regional governments are immediately preparing areas to relocate communities whose homes are lost. The area needed for relocation is 1 thousand to 1.5 thousand hectares, with the plan to construct 16 thousand permanent residential houses.

The planned re-location and the construction of permanent shelters as well as rebuilding public and social facilities will start from January 2019.

On the occasion, the governor conveyed that the relocation for the construction of dwellings had still been determined by the Palu mayor at two locations in the Talise and Tondo Sub-Districts, covering 560 hectares, and the Petobo Sub-District, of around 100 hectares.

The head of Sigi District has also set aside a shelter location in Pombewe Sub-District, with an area of 362 hectares, the governor revealed.

The governor also reported that recovery and rebuilding of around 68 thousand severely damaged community homes were being undertaken, while some 70 thousand moderately damaged houses are still being built in their original locations, thereby not necessitating relocation.

The governor has officially conveyed to the president the need to disburse stimulant funds to rebuild people`s houses.

On the occasion, the vice president urged the ESDM Geological Agency to immediately determine if the distance commensurate with coastal effects to avoid tsunami.

For instance, Aceh had set one kilometer as the commensurate distance to the coast, and Bappenas had agreed to determine the location to relocate according to the Mayor`s Decree and Regent of Sigi and the process was guided by Law Number 2 of 2012 on land acquisition.

Likewise, the Public Works and Public Housing minister requested that the Geological Agency be able to accelerate the study to determine areas that can be built and the location of areas that could not be rebuilt.

Djanggola expressed gratitude to the central government to take concrete steps to accelerate the recovery from the impacts of the earthquake, tsunami, and liquefaction in Palu, Sigi, and Donggala.

Reporting by Fransiska Ninditya
Editing by Andi

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