Jakarta (ANTARA News) - Two Indonesian women`s singles badminton players, Dinah Ayustine and Ruseli Hartawan, qualified for the main round of the 2018 Hong Kong Open tournament, after beating Taiwan representatives in the qualifying round that took place in Kowloon, Hong Kong, on Tuesday.

Ayustine, as monitored by Antara in Jakarta from the official website of the World Badminton Federation (BWF), beat Taiwanese Chiang Ying Li in three games, with a score of 24-26, 21-12, and 21-11 in 50 minutes of the tournament, whereas Hartawan won quickly in 20 minutes, beating another Taiwanese player Lee Chia Hsin, with a score of 21-7, 21-16.

The qualifying match in Hong Kong became the competition between Ayustine and Chiang. Previously, both players had faced off at the 2013 Vietnam Open tournament, with Chiang`s victory results at 21-14, 21-17.

Meanwhile, Hartawan?s victory became her second victory over Hsin after their meeting at the Jaya Raya International Challenge tournament in 2015. She won over Hsin in the Jaya Raya tournament, with a score of 21-15, 21-19.

"The opponent is able to control the game well like the ball `lob and chop.` In the first game, I was carried away by a slow opponent game," Ayustine explained as stated on the official website of the Indonesian Badminton Association (PBSI).

Ayustine claimed to be able to win the second and third games after the opponent ran out of stamina, causing his movement to be slow and his defense to be penetrated.

Ayustine has lost to Cheung in the 2018 Asian Badminton Championship, with a score of 17-21, 18-21.

Meanwhile, Hartawan admitted that she had not been able to measure her ability despite winning over Hsin in 20 minutes of the game. "Opponents did not showcase their best abilities. Our match took place quite tightly at the previous meeting," the player, who is familiarly called Mey Mey, stated.

In the first match of the Hong Kong Open main round, Hartawan will face Chinese player Chen Xiaoxin. In the 2018 Asian Badminton Championship team match, he defeated Chen in two games with score 17-21, 17-21.

Although the two Indonesian women`s singles were able to qualify for the main round of the Super 500 level, the other player Yulia Yosephin Susanto failed to follow in the footsteps of Ayustine and Hartawan to break through the main round.

Susanto lost to host women`s singles Deng Joy Xuan in two straight games, with score 14-21, 11-21 for 30 minutes of the US$400thousand prize tournament.

Reporting by Imam Santoso
Editing by Eliswan

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