Kulon Progo, Yogyakarta (ANTARA News) - The number of sea turtles reaching Trisik Beach, Kulon Progo District, in Yogyakarta Province has increased significantly this year as observed from the existence of 17 nests, a conservationist stated.

The nests had at least 1,700 eggs. This number sharply increased as compared to 800 recorded last year, Head of the Abadi Turtle Conservation Agency at Trisik Beach Jaka Samudro remarked here on Wednesday.

"This progress has been achieved as a result of moving the location of shrimp aquaculture rearing from Trisik Beach to the northern areas following the recent giant waves that hit the coastal area," he stated.

The 17 nests of sea turtles at the Abadi Turtle Conservation Agency`s site has been frequented by tourists on the weekend, he noted, adding that the agency`s volunteers get trained on ways to become good public campaigners.

"We have frequently received upgrading programs on preserving the sea turtles, so that we are competent in sharing knowledge and information on the turtles," Samudro stated.

Meanwhile, Head of the Yogyakarta Natural Resources Conservation Agency`s Conservation Unit Untung Suripto said conserving the sea turtles necessitated public awareness and participation.

Hence, all community members, including businesspersons, should be engaged in public campaigns on conserving turtles and several other endangered animals, he emphasized.

Education tourism that the Abadi Turtle Conservation Agency at Trisik Beach has been running will help rectify the people`s behavior and boost their knowledge on sea turtles as well as the locals` economy, he stated.

The Trisik coastal area has frequently been visited by green sea turtles for laying eggs, but predators and irresponsible people tend to take the eggs. The turtles were affected by the noise and light conditions, he pointed out.

According to Untung, educating the local people and visitors about the nature of turtles remains necessary for preserving these animals. The Kulon Progo district government is expected to participate in the conversation efforts.

"Shrimp breeding in aquaculture and mining activities around the coastal area have affected the sea turtles` habitat. We hope all elements of society will always uphold the existing regulations," he added.

Reporting by Sutarmi
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