Jakarta, (ANTARA News) - Gunung Kidul District in the Special Autonomous Province of Yogyakarta is endowed with varied natural and marine tourist attractions that should continue to be taken care of.

In making every effort to develop the district into a national and international tourist destination, the Gunung Kidul district government has encouraged the local community to protect and manage the tourist areas from destruction and vandalism done by irresponsible people.

Among the tourist attractions that travelers should visit in Gunung Kidul are the pristine beaches of Baron, Gesing, Ngrenehan, Ngobaran, Krakal, Sundak, Watu Lawang, Drini and Sepanjang, along with the Ngrancah waterfall in Ngleri Village.

However, irresponsible people have conducted acts of destruction and vandalism in several tourist locations, such as the Ngingrong Taman Batu area, Mulo, and Wonosari.

Gunung Kidul District Tourism Office Secretary Hary Sukmono admitted that the damage caused by vandalism cannot be repaired at this time since the maintenance budget from the government will be disbursed next year.

Hence, Sukmono remarked that he can encourage tourists and other parties, such as the surrounding community, to not conduct vandalism in tourist sites but to help maintain and take care of them in order to maintain their aesthetic appeal.

In the face of competition in the tourism sector, the government of Gunung Kidul District will continue to intensify the arrangement of tourist areas.

Gunung Kidul District Tourism Office Chief Asti Wijayanti remarked on Tuesday that a master plan had been compiled to arrange the coastal area to make it more attractive for tourists.

She said the arrangement would be made in a way that does not hinder the activities of traders but also accommodates them.

"Especially Baron Beach, we will revamp the beach tourism to make the west part of it resemble Nusa Dua and the east part like Kuta in Bali," Wijayanti remarked.

Wijayanti noted that this step is part of the efforts to ensure that of the total tourists visiting the Baron beach area, some can go to the west part while others can visit the eastern part of the beach.

The local Tourism Office chief expressed hope that following the completion of the New Yogyakarta International Airport in Kulon Progro in April 2019, more foreign tourists would visit Gunung Kidul.

Gunung Kidul is endowed with several pristine beaches, and most of them still require effective management to transform them into national and international tourist destinations, and large investments both from the government for infrastructure as well as from the private sector for the development of hotels, resorts, golf courses, and restaurants.

For the preparation of the coastal tourism master plan, all stakeholders, including the tour operators and Yogyakarta Palace officials, will be involved in the management of all coastal areas in the district.

With the coastal tourism master plan, all beaches in Gunung Kidul will be developed according to their respective characteristics.

After the formulation of the coastal tourism master plan is completed, a detailed technical plan will be created to manage the beaches for tourism and economic activities and residential areas.

Thus, in future, Gunung Kidul is expected to become one of the important national and international tourist destinations.

Currently, Yogyakarta has become the largest tourist destination in Indonesia after Bali, and the government must focus on increasing tourist visits.

Hence, the government and all parties must work together to develop the attractions and entertainment destinations that can make tourists stay for a longer period of time in Yogyakarta, especially in Gunung Kidul.

In light of this, the Gunung Kidul district government is making efforts to promote and develop the district`s tourist spots under the framework of its tourism investment development mission.

The mission is focused on natural, village, cultural, and special-interest tourism.

In addition, the local government will intensify efforts to provide improved infrastructure facilities at tourist attractions in the district.

Starting 2018, the government of the special autonomous province of Yogyakarta has been more serious in developing the tourism sector in the southern part of the region to reduce disparities and poverty gaps.

The development of tourist destinations in the southern region of Yogyakarta begins with physical improvements, as well as tourism human resources with the district governments of Bantul, Gunung Kidul, and Kulon Progo.

Yogyakarta, which boasts rich history and culture, and has several tourist attractions, continues to intensify its efforts to develop and promote its tourism sector.

One of the leading cultural centers in Java, Yogyakarta is blessed with several scenic villages, which are being developed and promoted to attract as many tourists as possible.

Every district in Yogyakarta has numerous beautiful areas that can be developed into tourist spots to attract as many tourists as possible.

The development of tourist destinations scattered in the southern region of Yogyakarta is in accordance with the vision of Governor Sri Sultan Hamengku Buwono X.

Tourist destinations that spread along 113 kilometers in the southern region of Yogyakarta have enormous potential to attract many tourists.

Most beautiful, clean, and white sandy beaches in Yogyarkata are located in Gunung Kidul District, and this potential is believed to be even higher if the South Cross Road project through the district is completed.

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