Dhaka, (ANTARA News) - Bangladesh acknowledges Indonesia`s trains, manufactured by the national company PT Industri Kereta Api (PT INKA), as having strong structures and being capable of accommodating large numbers of passengers.

"We have experience that in 2005, we had made trains, with strong structures like this and were recognized by Bangladesh, as the trains have good quality. Hence, they continue to choose trains from PT INKA," PT INKA aftersales team staff member Triono stated here on Tuesday night (Nov 20).

According to Triono, passenger trains for Bangladesh are designed to be extra strong to withstand load if passengers climb onto the roofs of the carriages.

"The carriages are indeed quite strong, more than the average strength of trains operated in Asia. This is because in Bangladesh, people are still allowed to sit on the roof of the carriages," he stated.

Triono added that from the start, PT INKA had striven to manufacture trains in accordance with the behaviorism of people and circumstances in Bangladesh by conducting field studies.

"Hence, earlier, some of PT INKA`s personnel had come to Bangladesh to observe the behavior of Bangladeshi people while riding the train, including the operational system, and the maintenance applied in the train system," Triono stated.

He added that based on the studies, PT INKA made longer train cars for Bangladesh in order to accommodate the passengers.

"We make very long train cars. Compared to Indonesia, we manufacture longer train cars for Bangladesh. In Indonesia, there are a maximum of 11 or 12 carriages in one series. Here, there are up to 18 carriages," Triono noted.

"Especially in the holidays, all trains in Bangladesh are maximized to each have 18 carriages," Triono stated.

The contract to provide trains by PT INKA for Bangladesh also included a two-year guarantee and operational service for two years.

A special train for Bangladesh was firstly made by PT INKA in 2005. In 2016, the company won a tender to manufacture 150 trains that are currently operating in Dhaka. The trains take passengers from Dhaka to various cities in Bangladesh.

Furthermore, PT INKA has won a tender for building 250 passenger trains for Bangladesh, and the initial shipment of the trains will begin in January 2019.

Reporting by Yuni Arisandy, Libertina W Ambari
Editing by Yoseph Haryadi

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Editor: Suharto
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