Pekalongan, C Java (ANTARA News) - President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) again spoke about the need for "hijrah" (migration) when he met with thousands of members of Islamic youth organizations GP Ansor and Banser in Pekalongan, Central Java, on Thursday evening.

"I invite you all members of GP Ansor to keep `istiqomah` (being consistent) in preserving the existence of the Unitary State of Indonesia (NKRI) and to help lead those who wish to hijrah," he said at the commemoration of Prophet Muhammad`s birthday as well as National Heroes` Day attended by 100,000 members of GP Ansor and Banser, the youth wing of the biggest Islamic organization Nahdlatul Ulama (NU) at Kajen Public Square.

Jokowi called GP Ansor to invite people to change from formerly being selfish to now care for others.

"To change from being revengful to become loving, from being full of anger to become patient and from being fond of creating disruption to be full of solidarity," he said.

When asked if they agreed to his proposal they unanimously shouted "agree".

President Jokowi also called on GP Ansor to remain patient to meet problems, challenges and to always put the interest of the country above their own.

"Continue preserving the dignity of the ulemas and the organization and spreading Islamic values and Indonesian character and keep praying for goodness, peace, welfare and prosperity that Prophet Muhammad, martyrs and heroes have done," the President said.

He also called on them not to stay away from clerics and ulemas with regard to community and statehood matters.

"By following the dignity of the Prophet, God willing, our big nation will continue to progress in carrying out our big job of realizing social justice, improving the quality of our human resources to make Indonesia `baldatun thoyibatun waratun ghofur` (good) country," he said.

Reporting by Joko Susilo
Editing by Yoseph Hariyadi

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