Sukabumi, W Java, Nov 26 (ANTARA News) - Mayor of Sukabumi Achmad Fahmi claims that the town is now free from cases of children suffering from stunted growth.

"There are no more children suffering from stunted growth in Sukabumi, and we hope that there will not be anymore cases in the future," he said in Sukabumi on Monday.

He further stated that West Java governor Ridwan Kamil has listed suppressing the number of children with stunted growth one of his priorities, by providing nutritious and healthy food. For the town of Sukabumi, the program is currently being promoted to protect children development.

Intake of nutritious and healthy food is indeed very important, but it does not mean that it must be expensive, as it turns out, based on research results, food in Indonesia is much healthier and more affordable.

The Mayor`s office has also launched a program that would drive the people of Sukabumi to consume local products. That way, through this program, nutrition and vitamin intake for children are maintained so that children`s growth becomes normal.

Additionally, the consumption of locally sourced produce, the people can help promote the welfare of local farmers.

"By using local food, there are two benefits, including preventing children from stunting and promoting economic increase for the farmers," he added.

Fahmi said that his office continued to develop technology and innovation to boost food production, especially rice. Even in the future, Sukabumi is expected to become a provider of healthy and halal food products.

Reporter: Antara
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