PSSI to investigate match fixing at liga Indonesia soccer competition

PSSI to investigate match fixing at liga Indonesia soccer competition

Persib Bandung footballer Patrich Wanggai (right) scrambles for the ball with Serui Perseru player Makarius Fredik Suruan in the 1st League Football match. ANTARA FOTO/Nyoman Budhiana/pd.

Jakarta (ANTARA News) - Secretary General of the Indonesian Football Association or PSSI Ratu Tisha Destria asserted that her side had conducted an investigation regarding an alleged match fixing in the Indonesian league competition.

The process was carried out by the PSSI Disciplinary Committee, even before the case spread across the community, Destria said in a discussion held by the PSSI reporters group here on Friday.

"Regarding this score setting, our target is to open the roots (of the case). So it`s not about one or two persons," she remarked.

According to her, currently, her party already has data and facts about the case, which mainly come from the PSSI`s partner, Genius Sports.

Genius Sports is a service provider to oversee the activities of the football gambling market throughout the world. Genius Sports saw soccer matches that were suspicious and allegedly arranged by certain parties.

Pertaining to Indonesia`s soccer match case, Genius has been working with PSSI since 2017 and is active in all leagues from the highest to the lowest.

The recommendations issued to the federation (PSSI) were the "yellow flag", which means the match needs to be investigated, and the "red flag" or that the match must be investigated.

"After building a partnership in 2017, Genius Sports has given us two matches with the status of `red flag`. This is our further investigation," Destria unveiled.

If one finds out about a score setting, PSSI will act in accordance with article 72 of the tenth part of the PSSI Discipline Code in 2018, regarding the manipulation of match results illegally.

The toughest penalty in the sanctions regulation is a prohibition from playing in world football for life and a maximum fine of Rp500 million.

The perpetrators of the match fixing can also be charged using the Law of the Republic of Indonesia Number 11 of 1980 concerning crimes related to bribery. If it refers to this regulation, all those involved in the score setting can be jailed if proven guilty.

The case of scoring in the Indonesian league competition was talked about among the public following a talk show titled "Mata Najwa" on a private television station.

Reporting by Michael Siahaan
Editing by Bustanuddin