Malang, E Java (ANTARA News) - The urban electric car team from the University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM) competing in the 2018 Energy-Saving Car Contest (KMHE) at the University of Padang on November 27-December 1 2018, won the first place and broke the Asian and world records.

The supervisor of the UMM Mechatronics Team, Mohammad Jufri here, on Monday, claimed that the score of urban Genetro Suryo U.E.V 06 reached 335.09 KM / KWH, breaking the Asian and world records.

"Information from the committee, the score achieved by the UMM team broke Asian and World records," said Mohammad Jufri.

The score achieved by the UMM team was the best and set aside teams from various other public and private universities. This achievement is thanks to the hard work of all team members.

The UMM team managed to design the car as efficiently as possible, including by minimizing the weight of the vehicle to make it lighter.

"The achievement was thanks to the team`s hard work by making several modifications to the car to make it more efficient and lighter," said the lecturer in the Mechanical Engineering Study Program.

Meanwhile, the drive trainer at the Mekatronic Team, Afrianto, admitted that the UMM Electric Car managed to become the furthest with the best efficiency.

"We are very grateful that the target to achieve the best and bring home the title can be realized," Afrianto said.

Furthermore, UMM`s flagship electric car is being prepared to compete in the 2019 Shell Eco Marathon Asia (SEMA) which will be held in April in California, the United States.

Meanwhile, the Srikandi Team with the Hrusangkali Evo 01 vehicle in the Gasoline Internal Combustion Motor (MPD) class which also competed in the KMHE 2018 event, admitted that it was quite satisfied with the acquisition as Champion in the Best Aesthetic Design category.

In this prestigious event organized by the Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education, the UMM Electronic Team presented the Genetro Suryo U.E.V 06 vehicle in the electric car class and the Srikandi team with the Hrusangkali Evo 01 vehicle in the Gasoline Internal Combustion Motor (MPD) class.

In this 2018 contest, the two teams are targeting the top three, while in the Shell Eco-Marathon in Singapore, they are only in the top four.

Reporting by Endang Sukarelawati
Editing by Eliswan

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