Ngawi, E Java (ANTARA News) - Several residents of Pelang Los village, Kedunggalar sub-district, Ngawi District, E Java, discovered the fossilized ivory of an alleged ancient elephant while digging the soil in their village.

The people were digging the soil to make a septic tank, but at a depth of 2.25 centimeters, they noticed the fossilized ivory that looked like a piece of wood at first, Suyatno, one of the diggers, stated here on Monday.

The ivory was 120 centimeters long and 10 centimeters wide, and it was broken when it was unearthed.

The ivory discovery was later reported to officers at the Trinil Museum.

Suwita Nugraha, an official of the Sangiran Museum located in Sragen, Central Java, who went to the location where the ivory was found, confirmed the discovery of the fossilized ivory and estimated that the ivory belonged to Stegodon elephant and was 700 thousand years old.

Nugraha explained about the three stages of fossil evaluation, namely Mastodon, Stegodon, and Elephas.

The ivory is now being kept in the Trinil Musum for further study.

Reporting by L R Stevani
Editing by Fardah

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