Jakarta (ANTARA News) - President Joko Widodo has reminded all the elements of the nation not to be careless about safeguarding the state philosophy of Pancasila but to apply its values in daily life.

"We should not be complacent. We must always safeguard the Pancasila, safeguard the Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia (NKRI), and continue to apply the values of Pancasila in our daily life," President Jokowi remarked when opening the 2018 National Defense Jamboree by Big Family of the TNI-Polri Sons and Daughters Communication Forum (FKPPI) at Ragunan Campsite on Friday.

The president asked all the elements of the nation not to provide space for the entry of external or imported ideologies.

"Do not let any external ideology occupy a place in Indonesia and then shift the Pancasila, which will ultimately rip the Republic of Indonesia away, and tear the Red and White," Jokowi said.

At the beginning of his remarks, the President asked the over 1,300 participants of the National Defense Jamboree if they remained loyal to NKRI and were ready to defend Pancasila.

Jokowi asked that the answers to his questions not only remain on their lips, but to really come out of their hearts and minds because he was sure the FKPPI cadres inherited the fighting spirit, the spirit of defending the country, and the spirit of love for the nation.

According to him, Indonesia must be grateful because for 73 years the country has continued to unite and move forward because it has Pancasila.

President Jokowi noted that in a state of Pancasila, diversity is a source of unity, and not of division.

"Our country is different in terms of tribes, customs, religions, traditions, regional languages; in the state of Pancasila, the interests of the state must be placed above group and personal interests," he said.

Further, the president stated that the task of defending the country was not easy, it was not enough to just gather the masses, but it must be done with real work.

Reporting by Agus Salim, Otniel Tamindael
Editing by Suharto

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