Indonesia wants to explore more cooperation with China

Indonesia wants to explore more cooperation with China

Indonesia-China discussion on ASEAN-China relations in the ASEAN China Center in Beijing on Tuesday (11/12/2018)

Beijing (ANTARA News) - Indonesia wants to explore more cooperation with China and collaborate to reach the target in trade, investment and tourism, as important indicator for economic growth.

"Indonesia wishes to build stronger cooperation and contribution through the ASEAN-China Center (ACC)," the Deputy Chief of Mission of the Indonesian Embassy in Beijing Listyowati said.

Listyowati made her remarks in a discussion on ASEAN-China relations here on Tuesday.

She said, ACC has an important role to enhance the cooperation in various sector between ASEAN and China.

On media cooperation, she said, the discussion is expected to explore and push ahead the cooperation among media of ASEAN and China under the theme of ASEAN-China Year of Media Exchange.

The ACC would need to have a special team that focus on media exchange to sharpen the program, Listyowati said.

Meanwhile the Director of ACC General Affairs and Coordination Division Wang Hongliu said, Indonesia and China would need to have a "heart to heart" cooperation that directly touch the grass root people.

"Our economic cooperation is strong, but it is `cold`. Thus we need a `heart to heart` cooperation that touches grass root level," Hongliu said.

The ASEAN-China Center, she said, wants to become a bridge for ASEAN and China.

In the field of media, Hongliu said, ACC has highlighted programs on media cooperation as 2019 has been declared as the year of media exchange.

The Deputy Director of ACC Information and Public Relations Division Wang Zhiquan said, the center has conducted some programs regarding to the ASEAN-China media cooperation including the media trip of ASEAN to China, Chinese media trip to ASEAN and media forum.

"However, we are now still focusing on media trip to China. But later we can expand this," Zhiquan said.

Editing by Fardah Assegaf