Jakarta (ANTARA News) - The Government of East Nusa Tenggara (NTT) Province is making every effort to build the island-based province into the world`s leading tourist destination in 2020.

In an effort to achieve that goal, NTT Governor Viktor B. Laiskodat has stated that the local government will, since 2019, focus on infrastructure development and access to several tourist areas that are still difficult to reach by tourists.

Intensive infrastructure development in 2019 and access to tourist sites in the province are part of the efforts to support the reliable tourism sector as one of the economic pillars of the future.

In addition to having immense potential in cultural tourism, NTT is endowed with at least eight natural wonders, which are expected to boost local economic development and tourism.

Among the province`s natural wonders are Semana Santa in Larantuka, Nihiwatu Beach in Sumba Island, Alor Dive in Alor Island, Nemberalla Beach in Rote Ndao, Komodo Island, Pink Beach in Padar Island, Taman 17 in Riung Island, and the tri-colored lakes of Mount Kelimutu.

In light of this, NTT Governor Viktor Bungtilu Laiskodat reiterated his government`s commitment to developing the tourism sector as a major driver of the economy in the province.

According to Laiskodat, development in the next five years will focus on tourism, human resources, people`s welfare, infrastructure, and bureaucratic reforms.

Of these, the governor reiterated that the tourism sector will be the main driver of the economy, as it is quite prospective, with a variety of world-class potential.

During a talk show on collaborative destination development themed "Explore the Amazing Destination in East Nusa Tenggara" in Kupang on Tuesday, Governor Laiskodat remarked that despite numerous tourism destinations in NTT, access to the area is difficult.

"Hence, starting in 2019, access to tourist areas will begin to be built," the governor noted, adding that the local government had collaborated with several parties to build tourism supporting infrastructure to offer comfort to local and foreign tourists.

The governor explained that in addition to the natural wonders of Komodo National Park, the world`s most scenic island of Sumba, tri-colored Lake Kelimutu, and Alor marine park, NTT has a variety of patterns and fabric motifs as a testament to the local women`s intellectual property as part of the wealth of tourism itself.

Furthermore, Laiskodat noted that development of the tourism sector not only focuses on the construction of hotels and restaurants but also the transfer of human culture.

In a bid to support development of the tourism sector, Laiskodat noted that one of the efforts to be undertaken is to establish regional regulations (Perda) that are related to hygiene aspects.

In order to halt garbage dumping in future, the local government will prepare a regional regulation in the form of a fine of Rp50 thousand imposed on anyone found to have disposed garbage carelessly.

On the other hand, the local government will continue to seek investment in developing new tourist destinations, including the new Tuamese nature tourism area in the island-based province.

Specifically for Kupang District, more roads to tourism destinations need to be constructed to offer comfort and ease to tourists to explore the wonderfully diverse province.

Opening more roads to the tourism destinations in Kupang District, where the center of East Nusa Tenggara provincial administration is located, there is plenty to see, ranging from majestic landscapes to an abundance of interesting attractions in between.

To make it easier for visitors to reach tourist sites in Kupang, the local government is committed to building more adequate road infrastructure in an effort to support the tourism sector in this area.

Hence, the local Tourism and Creative Economy Office continues to coordinate with relevant agencies to help support the tourism sector through adequate road infrastructure development towards tourist sites.

Similar to other areas in East Nusa Tenggara, Kupang District is also endowed with various scenic tourist attractions, such as Manikin Beach, Tablolong Beach, Baumata swimming pool, Fatuleu mountain range, Camplong nature park, and Oenesu Waterfall.

There are still several interesting tourist locations in Kupang District, but due to inadequate road access, several tourists have to cancel their trip to the sites.

According to Kupang Deputy District Head Korinus Masneno, the local government is determined to prioritize tourism infrastructure development in 2019.

"In 2019, the construction of road infrastructure and facilities at tourist sites will be the concern of the Kupang district government, as the tourism sector can be relied upon as one of the economic pillars in future," Masneno remarked in Kupang recently.

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