Jombang, E Java (ANTARA News) - President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) expressed his gratitude to the Chairman of Jombang`sTebuireng Islamic Boarding School, Salahuddin Wahid, or commonly called Gus Solah, and his family when inaugurating the Indonesian Islamic Museum K.H. Hasyim Asy`ari.

Jokowi, during a speech before inaugurating KH Hasyim Asy`ari in Tebuireng, Jombang on Tuesday, considered Gus Solah to have made a major contribution to the Indonesian people.

"As the President of the Republic of Indonesia, as part of the Muslim community in Indonesia, I would like to express my deepest gratitude to Gus Solah and the entire extended family of Tebuireng who have made tremendous contributions to Muslims in Indonesia. Exceptional contributions to Indonesia that we love together, "he noted.

The president recounted that when he signed the Presidential Decree, which stipulated Oct 22 as the National Santri Day, he imagined what Hadratus Seikh K.H was thinking.

"I imagined the magnitude of the spirit of his struggle, the magnitude of his love, and the scholars in our Indonesian homeland," he noted.

That is what drove K.H. Hasyim Asy`ari and other scholars, with courage and determination, to declare a war to defend Indonesian independence as a war of jihad fisabilillah or jihad in the way of Allah.

"Now, Gus Solah, as the grandson of KH Hasyim Asy`ari, and all the big families of Tebuireng keep reminding Muslims in Indonesia on Gus Solah?s words that we must love Indonesia. That is why we must protect this country, "he remarked.

It also means protecting the independence, which had been championed by his predecessors, the clerics, santri, and the warriors.

The president then reminded all that Islam entered the archipelago through a very peaceful process. "Islam developed in Indonesia through dialogue and through local cultural media, such as poetry, puppets, gurindam, kasidah, and others," he remarked.

Through the museum, the president stated that he was also reminded that the glory of Islamic kingdoms from Aceh to Maluku helped in the progress of the nation.

"We are also reminded that Islamic boarding schools have long been actively participating in educating Indonesian people," he added.

On this occasion, the president also wanted to remind that Indonesia, in the form of the Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia and based on the Pancasila ideology, was actually also formed by the ulama, santris, Muslims, as well as other elements of the Indonesian nation.

He again reminded that Indonesia is a pluralistic and a diverse nation, with different ethnic groups, religions, customs, traditions, and regional languages.

Therefore, I want to remind all of you that this nation`s greatest assets are unity, brotherhood, and harmony. Hence, let us jointly maintain our unity, our harmony, our brotherhood, our ukhuwah Islam, and our ukhuwah wataniah," he pointed out.

Reporting by Hanni Sofia, Eliswan Azly
Editing by Andi Abdussalam

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