Palembang, S Sumatra (ANTARA News) - The Class I Immigration Office in Palembang, South Sumatra, from January to December 2018, has forcibly deported 10 Malaysian and Chinese citizens for violating residence and work permits.

"Until the end of this year, there were 10 Malaysian and Chinese citizens, violating Law No. 6 of 2011 concerning Immigration, subject to administrative sanctions in the form of deportation," Head of the Palembang Class I Immigration Office Hasrullah stated in Palembang on Thursday.

In addition to carrying out the Immigration Administration Act (TAK) of 10 foreigners, he also brought a case of violation of the Immigration Law to the Court or pro-justitia involving Malaysian citizens with an eight-month prison sentence, he noted.

According to him, foreign nationals (WNA) were deported because they were proven to work in plantation, mining, and industrial companies that were not in accordance with the permit to employ foreign workers (IMTA).

In addition, three Malaysian nationals were deported and processed in the Court, because they have been proven to exceed their stay and cause other legal violations, he remarked.

He explained that the provisions of the actions taken against foreigners, who have violated the Immigration Law, were in the form of administrative sanctions, deportation, and legal proceedings in the Court.

It is hoped that the firm action against violators of the Immigration Law will provide a deterrent effect on other foreigners who enter this area illegally or not in accordance with immigration provisions.

In order to prevent misuse of residence permits, IMTA, and other violations of law, he called on Wasdakim officers to supervise foreigners in six working areas of the Class I Immigration Office in Palembang, including Palembang; Prabumulih City; Musi Banyuasin; Banyuasin; Ogan Ilir; and Ogan Districts Komering Ilir.

His party also seeks to supervise foreigners, besides being carried out by immigration officers, along with the ranks of local government agencies, police, and military personnel who are members of the Foreign Persons Monitoring Team (Tim Pora) formed in each district/city, Hasrullah pointed out.

Reporting by Yudi Abdullah


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