Jakarta, (ANTARA News) - Demonstrators set fire to two banners bearing the Chinese flag outside the Chinese Embassy in Jakarta on Friday in protest against the violation of the human rights of the Uighur Muslims by the Chinese government.

One of the banners was burned near the demonstrators` command car in front of the embassy and the other on the barbed wire encircling the embassy.

"Burn them completely," the rally`s orator said from the command car.

After burning the banners, the demonstrators trampled over them.

The demonstrators were almost incited to do something to the embassy building, having heard somebody shouting "burn the building". However, the orator in the command car managed to call down the demonstrators.

"Keep peace and order and don`t get incited," the orator said.

After burning the banners, Chief of the Islam Defenders Front (FPI) KH Sobri Lubis delivered his last speech. The demonstrators then dispersed at 05.20 p.m. local time.

The rally was held to showcase the demonstrators` solidarity with the Uighur Muslims, whom they said had their human rights violated by the Chinese government.

Reporting by Ricky Prayoga, Suharto
Editing by Yoseph Hariyadi

Reporter: Antara
Editor: Fardah Assegaf
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