Jakarta (ANTARA News) - The Marine Affairs and Fisheries Ministry (KKP) has established digital 4.0 innovation villages in a number of areas to increase creativity and application of research works in the national marine affairs and fishery sector.

"The Research and Human Resources Agency (BRSDM) has developed innovation by forming digital 4.0 innovation villages in Kampung Gabus in Ciseeng, Kampung Sidat in Cilacap, Kampung Nila in Sleman," head of BRSDM of KKP Sjarief Widjaja said here on Thursday.

Sjarief Widjaja, said KKP has also developed innovation of adaptive technology for fishery in South Sulawesi.

In addition, BRSDM already released high quality products such as "backyard vaname" and LEDikan which functions to attract fishes with LED lamp.

BRSDM also has android-based application called Laut Nusantara to make it easier for traditional fishermen in catching fishes in the sea and Wakatobi AIS (Automatic Identification System) that could track down fishes in the sea.

"Certainly this would give direct benefits to the people," Sjarif said.

He went on to say, BRSDM already made a breakthrough to bring closer research and innovation results to the industry such as through the program of Science and Innovation Business Matching (SIBM) 2018.

The SIBM program is an effort to accelerate development of fishery research innovation.

BRSDM of KKP is PIAMARI (Pangandaran Integrated Aquarium and Marine Research Institute) and MIAMARI (Morotai Integrated Aquarium and Marine Research Institute).

Sjarief said PIAMARI is formed to carry out research of marine resources in the Indian Ocean and MIAMARI is to focus on research of marine resources in the Pacific Ocean.

"In the future BRSDM would push for the combination of all working unit into Public Service Agency (PSA)," he said.

He said currently he recommended 12 working units into PSA in two phases - the first phase including BPPP Banyuwangi, BPPP Tegal, Poltek KP Sidoarjo, Poltek KP Bitung, Riset Gondol and Riset Maros; and the second phase including BROL Perancak, STP Jakarta, SUPM Bone, BRPI Sukamandi, BBRPPBKP Slipi and BPPP Medan.

Reporting by Muhammad Razi Rahman, A Saragih

Editing by Eliswan Azly

Reporter: Antara
Editor: Yosep Hariyadi
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