Jakarta, (ANTARA News) - The Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) has named eight suspects in the corruption case in the drinking water (SPAM) projects of the Public Works and Housing Ministry in the fiscal years of 2017-2018.

"After 24 hour investigations KPK names eight suspects," Deputy Chairman of the anti-graft agency Saut Situmorang told reporters in a news conference early Sunday.

The suspects included four business leaders charged with bribing officials -- chief executive of PT Wijaya Kusuma Emindo (WKE) Budi Suharto (BSU), Director of PT WKE Lily Sundarsih (LSU), Director of PT Tashida Sejahtera Perkara (TSP) Irene Irma (IIR), and Director of PT TSP Yuliana Enganita Dibyo (YUL) as the recipients of bribe; and officials of the Ministry receiving the graft money -- Head of SPAM Working Units/Commitment Making Official (PPK) of Lampung SPAM Anggiat Partunggal Nahot Simaremare (ARE), Katulampa SPAM PPK Meina Woro Kustinah (MWR), Head of the Working Unit of Darurat SPAM Teuku Moch Nazar (TMN), and PPK of Toba I SPAM Donny Sofyan Arifin (DSA).

Saut said Anggiat Partunggal Nahot Simaremare, Meina Woro Kustinah, Teuku Moch Nazar, and Donny Sofyan Arifin were charged with accepting graft to arrange tender for SPAM projects in the fiscal years of 2017-2018 in Umbulan 3-Pasuruan, Lampung, Toba 1, and Katulampa.

"Two other projects are procurement of HDPE pipes in Bekasi and tsunami hit areas of Donggala and Palu in Central Sulawesi," Saut said.

Anggiat Partunggal Nahot Simaremare received Rp350 million and US$5,000 for the SPAM project in Lampung, and Rp500 million for Umbulan 3 SPAM project in East Java.

"Meina Woro Kustinah received Rp1.42 billion and S$22,100 for the SPAM project in Katulampa; Teuku Moch Nazar Rp2.9 billion for the procurement of high-density polyethylene (HDPE) pipe in Bekasi and Donggala; Donny Sofyan Arifin Rp170 million for Toba 1 SPAM project," Saut said.

Saut said the tenders were arranged so that PT WKE and PT TSP, which are owned by the same person came out as the winner; and PT WKW to win the tender for projects valued more than Rp50 billion; PT TSP was to win tender for projects less than Rp50 billion in value.

"The largest project is the SPAM in Kota Bandar Lampung valued at Rp210 billion," he said.

PT WKE and PT TSP were asked to pay "fee" 10 percent of the project value to be divided among the PUPR officials.

KPK investigated the case after receiving information from the public before launching an operation catching red handed some of the suspects on on Dec 28 this year in a number of places in Jakarta very early on Sunday, Saut said.

In the caught red handed operation, KPK rounded 21 people in Jakarta including Budi Suharto, Lily Sundarsih, Irene Irma, Yuliana Enganita Dibyo, Anggiat Partunggal Nahot Simaremare, Meina Woro Kustinah, Teuku Moch Nazar, Donny Sofyan Arifin, and a number of other officials of the Ministry and business leaders and company employees including Dwi Wardhana, Asri Budiarti, Untung Wahyudi, Wiwik, Shefie Putri Pratama, Diah,Sugianto, Adi Dharma, Tarso, Yohanes Herman Susanto, Andri, Dwi, and Waso.

Saut said KPK is studying the possibility of demanding death sentence for suspects causing a large number of people to suffer in natural disaster devastated areas such as corruption of funds appropriated for rehabilitation projects in areas devastated by natural disasters.

One of the suspects, Teuku Moch Nazar, was charged with accepting a bribe of Rp2.9 billion for the procurement of HDPE pipe for drinking water project in Donggala, the hardest hit in the Central Sulawesi tsunami.

Reporting by Benardy Ferdiansyah, A Saragih
Editing by Andi Abdussalam

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