Garut, W Java (ANTARA News) - State-Owned Enterprises Minister (BUMN) Rini Soemarno handed over the People`s Business Credit (KUR) symbolically to five customers under the Fostering the Economy of the Prosperous Family (Mekaar) Program in Cibatu, Garut District, West Java.

Minister Rini, in her remarks at the Square, Cibatu on Friday, Jan 18, encouraged customers, most of whom were mothers, to continue to advance their businesses to the micro, small, and MSME business stages.

"I congratulate those mothers, who rose up the class. I urge all of them to move up the class, you know, super micro to micro, micro to small, and small to medium," she emphasized.

She said those looking to "go up the class" must also start tidying up from the start, taking notes on the administration of their businesses.

"This is a super micro businessman, as these mothers have not been able to enter the banking system at the moment, as they are not yet accustomed to opening up finance," she stated.

She explained that customers, who went up the class, were those having advanced in their businesses under the micro with a Mekaar loan from PT Permodalan Nasional Madani and were then trusted to get KUR from banks, so that their businesses are more advanced.

The minister cited as an example that customers, who had obtained a loan of Rp4 million, could get a KUR loan from the bank of Rp8 million for a larger business capital.

"Now, we make the program. If we see that they are good, the business develops. We offer to rise up in the class; become micro. Like KUR, micro credit is actually given to businesses that already understand," she noted.

Based on the PNM data, the number of Mekaar customers in Cibatu reaches 2,885; some 86,220 customers in Garut Regency; 1.10 million customers in PR West Java; and nationwide, the figure reaches 4.1 million customers.

On the same occasion, Director of Bank Negara Indonesia Achmad Baiquni explained that Mekaar`s customers must fulfill the conditions to be able to obtain KUR from banks.

"If we look at the business cycle, actually he is not yet `bankable.` There are no financial reports or papers, while the credit is blooming," he noted.

"The business is growing, and the people have begun organizing the administration with permits. This needs more funding. The bank comes; we count whether we can ride the KUR class. We calculate how much turnover a month goes, cut the goods traded, and compute what is the cost to our lives," he stated.

He noted that a total of 25 customers of Mekaar had gone up the class in Cibatu.

"Up this class, the new idea, minister, we support," he added.

Reporting by Juwita Trisna Rahayu
Editing by Eliswan Azly

Reporter: Antara
Editor: Azizah Fitriyanti
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