Ba`asyir released on humanitarian grounds: President Jokowi

Ba`asyir released on humanitarian grounds: President Jokowi

(Photos File) - Convicted terrorist Abu Bakar Ba'asyir was given release based on humanitarian grounds.

Garut, W Java (ANTARA News) - President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) emphasized that convicted terrorist Abu Bakar Ba`asyir was given release based on humanitarian grounds.

"Yes, the first is indeed a humanitarian reason. This means that he is already old, yes, humanitarian considerations," President Jokowi stated after reviewing the Muhammadiyah Islamic Boarding School`s Flats in Nglampangsari Village, Cilawu, Garut, on Friday, Jan 18.

The president, who assigned his attorney Yusril Ihza Mahendra to seek the release of Ba`asyir, confirmed that the deteriorating condition of the convict`s health was the main consideration.

Even so, he stressed there were other considerations that were taken into account.

"Yes, health is the main consideration," he remarked.

The president said the release had gone through after lengthy contemplation.

"It was a prolonged period of consideration, in terms of security, with the chief of Police, experts, and finally with Pak Yusril. However, the process will be with the National Police chief," he noted.

He added that various considerations had been discussed since about a year.

"It has been a lengthy process of consideration, since the start of last year. The old considerations of the chief of Police, the United States, the coordinating minister for politics and security, and with experts. Finally, with Prof. Yusril Ihza Mahendra," he stated.

Speaking in connection with the impact or threat that might arise from the release, the president said it had also been taken into account, but humanitarian reasons remained the main factor.

"I conveyed humanitarian considerations and also because they were related to health equipment," he said.

Ba`asyir has served a sentence of nine years of the total 15 years in criminal cases related to terrorism handed down to him.

This fact is in accordance with the rules of the state law, making Ba`asyir eligible to be freed without burdensome matters.

Reporting by Hanni Sofia
Editing by AEliswan Azly