Three state firms synergize to export rail pads to Philippines

Three state firms synergize to export rail pads to Philippines

Rail pads. (Doc. ANTARA PHOTO/Muhammad Iqbal)

Majalengka, W Java, (ANTARA News) - Three state-owned companies -- PT Inka Multi Solusi Trading (IMST), PT Wika Beton, and PT Pindad -- have synergized efforts to export rail pads to the Philippines.

President Director of PT IMST I Gede Agus Prayatna stated here on Tuesday that it is the initial export of rail pads manufactured in synergy with state-owned concrete maker PT Wika Beton and state-owned manufacturer of military and commercial products PT Pindad.

"We deliver the rail pads to Manila, the Philippines, to supply material for infrastructure development in the country," Prayatna remarked.

The rail pads will be used to build a 300-meter railway track, he noted.

"For now, it is only for 300 meters of railway track, but this is the start. If we can succeed in the project, I am certain that we can supply for a longer track," he remarked, adding that it will necessitate synergy among the state-run companies.

Meanwhile, Marketing Director of PT Wika Beton Kuntjara said the company will improve the quality of its concrete products to compete in the international market.

"We will work jointly and support each other by improving our products," he affirmed.

Director of Industrial Product of PT Pindad Heru Puryanto stated that it is the first export of rail pads to the Philippines.

"This is for the first time we export (rail pads). This is a collaboration among state enterprises. KA Clip is one hundred percent our works," Puryanto added.

Reporting by Khaerul Izan, Sri Haryati