Tourism minister approves Lake Ranau resort for "tour de ranau"

Tourism minister approves Lake Ranau resort for "tour de ranau"

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Palembang, S. Sumatra, (ANTARA News) - Tourism Minister Arief Yahya has agreed that Lake Ranau will be the site for holding international festivals through the Tour De Ranau to boost tourist visits to South Sumatra.

The plan to hold the prestigious agenda was delivered after holding talks with the tourism minister at the VIP Palembang Sultan Mahmud Badaruddin II Airport, South Sumatra Governor Herman Deru stated in Palembang on Thursday.

The governor said the minister approved the Tour De Ranau, for which the area needed to prepare itself.

The 2019 Tour De Ranau demonstrates that South Sumatra`s tourism destinations are no less inferior to other provinces both in Sumatra, such as Padang and Java.

The governor confirmed that after obtaining verbal approval from the minister of foreign affairs, he will then hold a coordination meeting with the local government.

At the latest, before the end of 2019, the world-class agenda is believed to be realized soon.

"As soon as possible, we coordinate with the local ministries and government. As we are organizing, we are preparing the infrastructure for which we have set aside a budget to reach almost Rp1.5 trillion this year," he explained.

With the Tour De Ranau being held, he targets infrastructure development around the site to be realized faster. This includes access to transportation and accommodation, such as hotels, villas, restaurants, and other supporting facilities, which are expected to help boost the economy of the community.

The tourism minister noted that the Tour De Ranau, in addition to driving an increase in domestic and foreign tourist visits, the international agenda was also expected to accelerate the growth of infrastructure development.

According to the minister, this breakthrough in holding the Tour De Ranau is in accordance with the government`s vision to make the tourism sector the largest foreign exchange earner in Indonesia.

The minister pointed out that Indonesian tourism registered the fastest growth in the world, growing three times the global travel market, with the direct impact being felt by the community.

Reporting by Ujang Idrus, Eliswan Azly
Editing by Suharto