Jakarta, (ANTARA News) - Jakarta Governor Anies Baswedan`s decision to take over clean water supply management and service from private companies PT Aetra and PT Palyja has drawn praises.

The move was in accordance with Baswedan`s pledge during the Jakarta gubernatorial race campaign called "The City Advances, The Inhabitants are Happy," Fahira Idris, the Jakarta senator, stated here, Tuesday.

Idris opined that the governor`s decision was right and bold by reinstating the people`s sovereignty over clean water access and materializing the Constitution`s mandate to meet the public need for clean water.

The decision is good news for the residents of Jakarta after two decades of having depended on private companies for obtaining clean water.

"It is the right decision because it has been taken following a comprehensive study and the taking over process was done through a civil process by holding talks with Palyja and Aetra," she noted.

It is a bold decision, as the governor does not have to wait for the termination of the contract in 2023, according to the member of the Jakarta Representative Council, or DPD.

"The decision to stop the privatization of water supply has demonstrated that Governor Anies has chosen to stand with the people," she emphasized.

Idris believes that until the time clean water is an expensive and exclusive commodity, a city will never advance, as clean water is a basic necessity of human beings for survival.

When clean water becomes expensive and exclusive, the productivity and economy of its residents will be affected, as they have to allocate a large sum of money for availing clean water, she pointed out.

"Hence, over a decade ago, major cities in the world had kicked out the privatization of water, and they prefer to independently manage the supply of clean water for their residents," she remarked.

Idris also opined that Baswedan`s decision to take over clean water supply management and services would put an end to the clean water woes in Jakarta.

In line with the Constitution, the state must meet the public need for clean water, she added.

Hence, Baswedan`s move should not only be lauded but also celebrated as the victory of Jakarta`s residents, she remarked.

No significant progress has been achieved since private companies took over the management of clean water supply service.

During the 1998-2018 period, the coverage of clean water supply service only increased 14.9 percent. In 1998, the coverage was 44.5 percent, and in 2017, it went up to 59.4 percent, far from the coverage target of 82 percent by 2023.

"The Jakarta provincial administration has taken a strong stance to take over the clean water supply management and service for its residents to ensure that every person has access to clean water supply," she stated.

Reporting by Sri Muryono, Fardah Assegaf
Editing by Suharto

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