Banda Aceh, Aceh (ANTARA News) - Tuna exporters in the Indonesian province of Aceh have stopped exporting tuna fish to Japan due to a surge in air cargo tariffs in the past month.

"If we continue to export tuna fish to Japan, we must offset large losses due to an almost three-fold increase in air cargo tariffs," UD Tuna Negara Director Muslem said here on Tuesday.

Muslem stated that he had so far exported tuna fish to Japan using national flag carrier Garuda Indonesia, which has direct connection from Aceh to Japan in a short time.

He added, however, that the air cargo tariffs, which have almost tripled to Rp60 thousand from Rp22 thousand per kilogram since January 2019, have forced his company to stop exporting tuna fish to Japan.

He noted that he had lodged a complaint about the surge in air cargo tariffs to Garuda Indonesia.

"But we are yet to receive a response as to whether our objection has been accepted or the delivery cost of each kilogram of tuna remains unchanged. If it remains as it is, it is difficult for us to export tuna to Japan," he remarked.

Muslem added that he bought tuna for Rp50 thousand per kilogram. After cleaning, the tuna was only 50 percent left, or was valued at Rp100 thousand per kilogram. The tuna was later sold in Japan for Rp170 thousand per kilogram.

After other costs were added, the tuna was priced at Rp145 thousand per kilogram. Compared to its purchasing price, the margin ranged between Rp20 thousand and Rp25 thousand per kilogram, he explained.

"The increase in air cargo tariffs reaches Rp35 thousand per kilogram. If we do not stop the export, we will suffer losses. Therefore, we have stopped the export until the air cargo tariffs are adjusted," he pointed out.

Reporting by M.Haris Setiady Agus
Editing by Suharto

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