Yogyakarta (ANTARA) - Mount Merapi in Yogyakarta released a hot cloud of avalanches on Thursday morning, (Mar 7), with the emission reaching 1,200 meters, Center for Research and Development of Geological Disaster Technology (BPPTKG) reported.

The hot cloud glide of the avalanche occurred at 7:44 WIB, with a duration of 121 seconds, leading to Kali Gendol, according to the BPPTKG on its Twitter Account monitored in Yogyakarta,

"Hot cloud was observed from the CCTV Peak. The community was encouraged to remain calm and move as usual," the BPPTKG wrote.

The BPPTKG observations, from 00:00 to 00:06 WIB, recorded nine earthquakes having 2-19 mm amplitude and lasting 14.6-64 seconds; one earthquake, with a 5 mm amplitude, lasting for 23 seconds; a low-frequency earthquake experienced twice, with an amplitude of 4-6 mm for 13.7-16.6 seconds; one hybrid earthquake, with an amplitude of 2 mm, for 7.6 seconds; and a local tectonic earthquake that occurred once, with an amplitude of 10 mm and for 25.9 seconds.

Based on visual observations through the Kaliurang PGM, Thursday morning, the weather around Mount Merapi was foggy, with the air temperature recorded at 20.3 degrees Celsius, air humidity at 88 percent RH, and the air pressure at 918.2 hPa.

Based on the recent morphology analysis of the lava dome of Mount Merapi released by the BPPTKG, the volume of volcanic lava domes reached 461 thousand cubic meters, with a growth rate of 1,300 cubic meters per day.

Lava domes are still stable, with a low growth rate, on average less than 20 thousand cubic meters per day.

The BPPTKG has, until now, maintained the status of Mount Merapi at Level II, or Alert, and temporarily recommended against conducting climbing activities, except for the purposes of investigation and research related to disaster mitigation.

The BPPTKG has urged the residents to not conduct activities within a three-kilometer radius from the summit of Mount Merapi.

In connection with the occurrence of the avalanche of hot cloud collisions, with its sliding distance farther and farther away, the BPPTKG urged residents living in the Kali Gendol groove area to increase their vigilance.

The community was also urged to not believe unclear sources and avoid being provoked by issues pertaining to the eruption of Mount Merapi and to continue to follow the directions of the local government officials or inquire directly from the Observation Post of Mount Merapi, BPPTKG social media, or the BPPTKG office.

Reporting by Lukman Hakim, Eliswan Azly

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