Experts call on OJK to function as supervisor and investigator

Experts call on OJK to function as supervisor and investigator

Jakarta (ANTARA) - State administration expert Deni Indrayana said that the Financial Services Authority (OJK) has two functions, namely as supervisors and investigators.

"OJK has the same authority in various countries, such as OJK in Indonesia, which functions as a supervisor and investigator as well," Indrayana explained at the Jakarta Constitutional Court Building on Tuesday.

He stated this while delivering information, as an expert presented by the government, in the judicial review session of the OJK Law at the Constitutional Court.

According to Indrayana, in the context of state administration, an independent institution can have multifunction, but with limitations.

"The criminal enforcement functions, like the OJK, should not be mixed with judicial authorities," he explained.

Previously, the petitioners questioned the investigator's authority in Article 49 paragraph (3) of the OJK Law, which was considered not related to the Criminal Procedure Code.

The provision states that the OJK civil investigators have the authority to seek help from law enforcement officials, but could also conduct investigations without coordinating or seeking help from other law enforcement officers, namely police investigators.

The petitioner believes that the authority of the OJK investigators in these provisions can lead to arbitration from OJK investigators.