Jakarta (ANTARA) - The government supports various efforts to increase technology mastery and the creation of a qualified workforce, with competency certificates of expertise, to support development of the construction industry.

Coordinating Minister for Economic Affairs Darmin Nasution noted in Jakarta, Thursday, that this policy must be applied since there are several still seeking jobs in the construction industry and had yet to be absorbed in the world of work.

"To this end, there is also a need to increase the competence of students, especially in higher education, through training institutions," Nasution remarked during the opening of the Indonesian Construction Expert Week.

According to the minister, various activities focusing on "soft skills" to improve the workers' competencies can increase their added value in the construction industry.
In addition, curricula in higher education are developed to be in line with the industrial needs and to make them work-ready in a short period of time.

"In addition to curriculum, the teaching staff or instructors for vocational education and training are also a factor of concern," Nasution noted.
The minister also highlighted the current role of the construction industry to accelerate infrastructure development and encourage overall economic activity.

"Infrastructure is needed to improve connectivity between regions that can strengthen the national logistics system, so that the economic impact can be felt immediately," he noted.

On the occasion, he also emphasized the importance of meeting building standards that cover the aspects of safety, comfort, and health.

The standardization is harmonized with the speed and certainty of licensing to construct buildings and produce function-worthy certificates through the building information system.

"With this system in place, the process is expected to be more effective and clarify coordination between regional apparatus," he noted.

Earlier, data from the Central Statistics Agency (BPS) in 2018 stated that the number of construction workers in Indonesia reached 8.3 million, of whom only some 20 percent, or some 1.6 million, are classified as construction experts.

However, only 195,312 construction experts already possess an Expertise Competency Certificate in accordance with the data of the National Construction Services Development Institute. Thus, some 1.4 million construction experts must undergo the certification process.



Translator: Eliswan Azly
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