Gorontalo (ANTARA) - The House of Representatives of North Gorontalo District in Gorontalo Province is keen that the region be able to derive significant benefits from investment in the tourism sector.

"Hence, the local government should direct its attention to cooperation in the tourism sector, if it is looking to collaborate with developers or investors," Chairman of Commission II of the local parliament, Hitler Datau, remarked in Gorontalo, Thursday. .

Furthermore, Datau expressed hope that the local government would immediately evaluate the cooperation established with the developer for managing the attractions of Saronde Island.

"The parliament, through its special committee, has put in hard work and put forth a recommendation that cooperation for the management of Saronde Island with third parties or developers be reviewed, taking into account the low regional revenue (PAD) produced," he pointed out.

The cooperation has, since long, been built, with high number of both domestic and foreign tourist arrivals recorded, though it failed to drive its annual local revenue. Hence, this calls for the need to review the cooperation and ensure that the management of Saronde Island truly benefits the region.

Drawing reference to the management of tourist attractions in other regions, the Golkar Party politician stated that Saronde Island, which has become an icon of marine tourism in Gorontalo, should be able to support the rise in local revenue.

"If the conditions are not in line with expectations, the management should to be reviewed, as it calls for a fresher, more innovative approach to manage Saronde Island to help to realize it as an icon of tourism in this area," he explained.

Datau further expressed hope for the government to take a firm stance on the cooperation built with the current developer in accordance to the special committee's recommendations that had been submitted to the regional government.

Based on the fact that the area's tourism sector is reliable, there is a need to build more appropriate cooperation that truly offers significant benefits to the region.

In future, the regional government is also urged to adopt a more cautious stance in developing cooperation in the tourism sector to ensure that it will truly have a beneficial impact on the region.

"The local parliament strongly supports the management of the tourism sector, especially since this region has many tourist attractions that can be relied upon, but cooperation with the developer must be clear and we need to have a firm stance if it does not benefit the region in its management," he added.

Translator: Eliswan Azly
Editor: Sri Haryati
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