Makassar (ANTARA) - Two employees of PT Bumi Karsa died of drowning in Lake Tempe, Kaca Village, Marioriawa Sub-district, Soppeng District, while boarding an overloaded wooden boat.

The South Sulawesi Police Spokesman Senior Commissioner Dicky Sondani stated in Makassar on Friday that the two people died while boarding a wooden boat on Lake Tempe, Soppeng District.

"The bodies of the two victims of drowning were recovered and taken to their respective funeral homes," he revealed.

The two victims were identified as Muh Tang, alias Ocang, 35, who resided in Tanete Village, Manorangsalo, and Wandy, 35, and a resident of Pattojo, Pattojo Village, Liliriaja Sub-district, Soppeng District.

According to Cinnong, 45, a relative of Ocang, Ocang had died of drowning in Lake Tempe.

"We were shocked when we received information that Ocang was found dead after he drowned in the lake," he noted.

Cinnong explained that his relatives, Ocang, and his other colleagues had decided to head home for lunch, but the boat carrying him sank due to overcapacity.

The reports he had obtained indicated that the wooden ship that the people boarded on a daily basis sank due to overloading.

The wooden boat carried nine passengers, while the actual capacity was half that figure.

"Ocang was working on the Lake Tempe reclamation project for not too long, perhaps less than a month," Cinnong added.

Translator: Eliswan Azly
Editor: Rahmad Nasution
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