Bogor, W Java (ANTARA) - The Bogor General Elections Commission (KPU) has announced an increase in the number of eligible voters in the fixed voters list (DPT), making Bogor the sub-district with the most number of fixed voters in Indonesia.

Stating that there had been an increase of 35,092 voters, KPU Bogor said the number has now reached 3,494,743 voters. Some 25 additional polling stations were introduced in 23 villages in Bogor, West Java.

“This was revealed during the results of the plenary meeting held on April 2, 2019,” said Commissioner of Bogor General Elections Commission Heri Setiawan in Bogor sub-district, Monday, April 8, 2019.

The number comprises almost an equal number of men and women, with 18,067 male voters and 17,025 female voters, located across 17 villages in Bogor sub-district, West Java.

All 3,494,743 voters, consisting of 1,788,899 male and 1,705,844 female constituents, will cast their votes in polling stations scattered across 435 villages in the sub-district.

Setiawan said there had been a decline in the number of unqualified voters, which was one of the contributing factors to the increase in the fixed voters list.

Previously, there were 11,752 unqualified voters recorded in the sub-district, and the number had gone down to 6,044.

Furthermore, Setiawan stated that for the 2019 presidential elections, KPU Bogor is facilitating 1,993 disabled voters.

Translator: Azizah Fitriyanti, Aria Cindya
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