Prabowo-Sandi pair pledges to increase investments in Indonesia

Prabowo-Sandi pair pledges to increase investments in Indonesia

The vice presidential candidate number 02 Sandiaga Uno addressed journalists after attending his last open campaign event at the Ahmad Yani Square of Tangerang City, Banten Province, on Saturday. (ANTARA/F Rochman)

Jakarta (ANTARA) - The Prabowo Subianto-Sandiaga Uno pair has pledged to increase domestic and foreign investments in Indonesia to boost the country's economy in an endeavor to create more jobs for all Indonesians, Sandiaga Uno said.

"Our focus is on economy. We are keen to increase investments in Indonesia," the vice presidential candidate number 02 told journalists after attending his last open campaign event at the Ahmad Yani Square of Tangerang City, Banten Province, on Saturday.

The increasing investment would create more jobs so that the unemployment rate in Indonesia could drastically be reduced, said Uno, adding that the Prabowo-Sandi pair would also emphasize its efforts to stabilize prices of basic commodities at markets across the country and improve the people's purchasing power.

To this end, the Prabowo-Sandi pair would boost the development of agricultural sector to enable Indonesia to gain food self-reliance, including rice. The manufacturing sector is also part of the duo if they win the presidential elections, due to be held on April 17, he said.

This Saturday evening witnesses the final clash of titans -- presidential and vice-presidential pairs -- as they go the whole hog to cement a strong voter base from 192 million casting votes on April 17.

This final round of debate between the Jokowi-Amin and Prabowo-Sandi pairs prioritizes critical matters concerning the economy, social welfare, finance and investment, as well as trade and industry.

Such issues undeniably have a say in determining Indonesia's present and future, as they become key factors in driving the nation's sustainable development and making the public more prosperous.

In reality, Indonesia, registering a 5.2 percent growth last year, is reeling under serious challenges including economic stagnation and a wide economic gap among its citizens since several years.

According to Atma Jaya Catholic University's economist Rosdiana Sijabat, the government has successfully maintained the resilience of the country's economy, recording a 5.2 percent growth, amid global headwinds.

"The government of Joko Widodo is upbeat of achieving its seven percent economic growth rate target. However, a broad-based slowdown does tend to weigh heavy. The US economy only grew 2.9 percent," Sijabat noted on Friday.

For the final debate, the General Elections Commission (KPU) has also decided on 10 panelists in charge of conjuring up and preparing questions on the issues to be debated by the duo pairs.

The panelist team comprises economists from various universities and organizations chosen by the KPU, specifically Muhammad Nasi, the Airlangga University rector; Eddy Suratman from the University of Tanjungpura; Muhammad Arief Mufraini from the Syarif Hidayatullah Islamic State University; and Suhartono from Diponegoro University.

Other eminent members of the panel feature Herman Karamoy from Sam Ratulangi University; I Nyoman Mahaendra Yasa from Udayana University; Harif Amali Riva'i from Andalas University; Dermawan Wibisono from Bandung Institute of Technology; Tukiman Taruno Sayoga from Soegijapranata Catholic University; and Rahmi Hertanti, the executive director of Indonesia Global Justice (IGJ).

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